All national sport federation Technical Directors included in CAMSOC

Vath Chamroeun, the Secretary General of the Cambodia SEA Games Organizing Committee (CAMSOC), led an important meeting with all the Sport Directors of the national sport federations on 3 November.

Speaking to the meeting, Chamroeun highlighted that all the Sport Directors of the national sport federations were included in CAMSOC to be in charge of the technical aspects of their respective sport event.

They need to work closely with an international federation to implement international technical standard and regulations of the Games.

“All the national Sport Directors need to achieve three things following the Water Festival holidays (7-9 November),” said Chamroeun.

“We need to recruit one international Sport Director to lead the sport event and do the evaluation.

“We need to prepare the Technical Hand Book that explains the game rules and regulations and send it to other participating countries at the Games.

“We need to prepare the Games through Digital Plate Forms for each of the sport events including Software and Hardware with the deployment of the Game Management System.

“All the results will be sent to all relevant stakeholders and media, and our partner Pathmazing will support us on the traditional sport events.”

As a SEA Games host country for the first time in history, Chamroeun stressed that the organization, technical standard and results of the Games needed to be successful and perfect at an international standard.

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