Sepaktakraw: Using National Games to select quality referees and judges

Nov 22, 2022

Cambodia Sepaktakraw and Chinlone Federation will use 30 referees and judges in the third National Games taking place from 19-30 November.

The Federation will evaluate their performance before selecting 10 of them to get international training for the 32nd South East Asian (SEA) Games in Cambodia in 2023.

Tuy Bunhoeun, the Secretary General of the Cambodia Sepatakraw and Chinlone Federation, said that 3 sepaktakraw events included men’s 2X2, women’s 2X2 and men’s 3X3 have been included in the National Games this year.

Only teams from 4 provinces and 2 ministries will be completing at this biggest local multi-sport event in the Kingdom.

He pointed out the lack of teams due to the training difficulties, which is hard to attract youths in this sport event as it takes long time and great commitment to become sepaktakraw players.

“On behalf of the Federation, I ask for more involvement from relevant stakeholders to push sepaktakraw to move forward. We need to develop more youths at schools to make this sport move forward in the future,” said Bunhoeun.