Games Time discussed in CAMSOC’s special meeting

Jan 11, 2023

Cambodia SEA Games Organizing Committee (CAMSOC) organized a special meeting on Tuesday to discuss the achievements in 2022 and set goals for 2023 as it is a Games Time period.

Speaking after the meeting, Vath Chamroeun, the Secretary General of CAMSOC, stated that the meeting focused mainly on the essential reports of each expert committee toward SEA Games 2023.

He also highlighted that if everything goes as planned, there will be another meeting on 20th January to discuss the work progress by all relevant expert committees.

Furthermore, CAMSOC will need to prepare the detail work plan to prepare the Games Time during the Games operation.

Everything needs to go smoothly to succeed at the 32nd South East Asian (SEA) Games in 2023 as it is a historic event and national pride.