HE Thong Khon presents main objectives at Annual Conference

Feb 10, 2022

CAMSOC Permanent Vice-President HE Thong Khon, who is also Minister of Tourism, outlined six key objectives and six key takeaways from the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC) annual conference and workshop on February 9.

The annual conference and workshop was attended by approximately 200 participants, including national sports federations and key stakeholders including the heads of the Cambodia 2023 Organising Committee, international delegates and journalists.

Among the six key motions discussed at the conference included the progress of the work and the direction of CAMSOC in organising Cambodia 2023.

The integration and the understanding of the roles and responsibilities of each committee was also discussed with time-lines set for the tasks.

The duties and roles of the internal administration and the mechanisms of work of each committee was also outlined during the seminar.

The delegates were also briefed on the challenges ahead in organising Cambodia 2023. The strengthen of the organisation as well as the need for transparency, accountability and good governance was also highlighted.

The importance of the code of conduct and ethics of to improve the efficiency in organising the Cambodia 2023 was also stressed.