Paseth's vovinam journey

Feb 07, 2022

The name of Chin Paseth may not ring a bell for many, but his achievements in the martial arts sports of Vovinam is nothing short of remarkable.

He first competed for Team Cambodia at the 2nd World Vovinam Championship in 2011 and has shown outstanding performances since.

Turning 30 this June, his achievements includes Silver and Bronze Medal at the 2016 Asian Beach Games, Silver and Bronze in the 2017 World Vovinam Championships, Gold and Bronze Medals at the 2018 South East Asia Championship and three medals-gold, silver and bronze at the 6th World Vovinam Championships in 2019.

Paseth wants to continue training rigorously and to compete well into his 40’s, providing his body can take the strenuous punishment. Standing at 1.70 cm tall and maintaining a 65kg frame, the exponent keeps himself healthy and motivated as he wants to bring more glory to the nation.

One of his highlights in his incredible journey as an athlete, was when he was accorded a victory parade from the Phnom Penh Airport to the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia when he became a world champion in 2019.

He is very appreciative of the government support in providing him the opportunity to train and to excel in the sports. He has noticed that since he started competing in 2011, there is more effort by the government and PM Hun Sen, in providing funding and incentives and as a result he has managed to achieve more at a later stage of his career.

When he is not training and competing, he like music and has picked up playing the guitar through Youtube. His favorite singers are Sin Sisamath and Piv Salovath, both icons of Cambodian music.

As a role model to the society, he encourages Cambodians to adopt a healthy lifestyle as it will help to reduce stress due to the busy schedule. He added that as the country was enjoying prosperity through peace and stability, taking up sports and exercise should be the priority.

However, he is hoping that Cambodians will come up in full force to support Team Cambodia during the Cambodia 2023, and he vows to win the gold medal for all the fans of team Cambodia.