A gold for the nation

May 20, 2022

Winning the gold medal at the ongoing SEA Games in Hanoi is more than just winning for the team. Pal Chhorraksmy, who was member of the quartet who won the Multiple Weapon Practice for Cambodia recently, sees it as medal to be shared with the people of the Kingdom

“This achievement is for everyone. I want to dedicate my gold medal to everyone including all Cambodian athletes. Our athletes have done the best and done everything for our Kingdom,” said Chhorraksmy.

The other members of the gold medal winning team were Prak Sovanny, Ly Boramy and Chrin Bunlong.

Chhorraksmy, the sole female exponent in the team, said her accomplishments at the Games would not have happened without the support from the supporters, team and people she knows.

“How am I feeling now? As excited as my Cambodian supporters – no difference. I’m sure they wanted us to win gold medals,” said Chhorraksmy.

“Thanks to my team. It’s a team’s effort and commitment. We finally did it and got what we wanted the most.

“I get so much support from everyone, so I always feel warm to get this amazing support.

“At the airport before leaving for Vietnam, everyone including the airport cleaners wished us well. That gave me an amazing feeling and so much energy to fight, so this gold medal is for everyone.”

The 36-year-old exponent added that all her hard work had paid off and was ready to work harder to achieve more.

She has also targeted another gold medal next year, when Cambodia hosts the 32nd South East Asian Games – their first time in history to be a host nation. 

Winning at home would be another feather in her cap and a gift to her nation.

“Since our closed-door training, we always worked hard for not only this SEA Games in Vietnam, but it’s also our preparation for SEA Games 2023,” she added.

“This gold medal came from our hard work and sacrifice, and it’s not about luck.

“I’m very proud of what my team and I have achieved. I told everyone why we were here and what we wanted to accomplish.

“We will work even harder to prepare the SEA Games 2023, when we are the host country. We will work on our action plan to make sure we are better than now. I never want to lose, so I will always give my all.”