Voleak: Swimming harder for success

There has been no let-up for Sok Voleak as she steps up a gear in preparation for the 32nd South East Asian Games in Cambodia next May.

Having taken part in two major swimming internationals, the Cambodian national swimmer has been training harder than ever to improve her performance.

She  was a member of the Cambodian swimming squad at the Vietnam SEA Games in May. While she failed to win a medal the experience and an improved performance ensured it was not an empty handed outing.

“I didn’t get any placings in Vietnam. But I managed to improve on my personal best with a 28.97 seconds for the 50 meters,” said Voleak.

After her SEA Games in Vietnam, Voleak also participated in the FINA World Championships in Budapest last month.

She said she had got different experience from the two international events.

While her pet event is the breaststroke, Voleak has been also putting in time in the freestyle.

Voleak, however, is not perturbed or has no big concerns in competing at two different disciplines, as she has got used to each of them.

“For 50-meter distance, the breaststroke is a bit harder than freestyle for me, and it demands a strong training physically and technically,” added Voleak.

“However, it’s not a big deal for me because I am training in different styles including freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly and the backstroke.”

Voleak is committed to bringing out positive results at the SEA Games in Cambodia, but is not ready to guarantee a podium finish.

“Winning medals is always my biggest target in my life, but I can’t guarantee anything. I will do my best for myself, my federation, and my country.”

“I’m ready for the challenge, and I’m training hard every day for the SEA Games,” the 22-year-old said.

“As a Cambodian representing all my people, I will do everything in all my power to bring out the best results I can for my nation. 

Voleak started swimming competitively at the age of eight and was selected for the national team in 2014.

Since donning national colours, Voleak has taken part in many international events including in the three SEA Games since 2017, FINA World Championship in China in 2018, and the Asian Games in Indonesia.

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