Siblings with a mission

Feb 07, 2022

Don’t mess around with siblings Vy Sophors and Vy Sreysros. They both pack lethal punches behind their affable exterior, that could knock anyone out cold.

Sophors and Sreysros are part of the Cambodian national boxing team and the brother-sister from Kendall Province hope to put Cambodia on the international boxing map.

Three of their siblings are also actively involved in boxing, including the traditional boxing style of Kun Khmer.

Coming from a poor background has hardened the resolve of the duo to reach excellence in the sport, both for their families and also to inspire others in the same shoes as them.

“Boxing has helped eased the family’s financial burden. My parents need not struggle as much as they previously did,”said the 22-year-old Sophors.

He picked up boxing in 2009 and hopes to represent Cambodia when the nation hosts the SEA Games in 2023.

The middleweight picked up boxing, following the path of his elder brother Vy Savut, who is a Kun Khmer exponent.

“One day I hope to turn professional and make it as a renowned international pro-boxer,” said Sophors, who said he would not shy away from putting in the hard work.

He won the national title in 2021 after two silvers and a bronze in his previous appearances. He made his international debut in 2019 in an international tournament in China, where he won a bronze medal.

“It was my first time representing the country and winning a medal made it all the more memorable,”said Sophors, who hopes to also encourage other youngsters into picking up boxing as a career.

He added that he needed to prove himself in the international arena first.

“I admire Floyd Mayweather. His accurate punches, speed, defence, counter and dodges are skills I want to be able to emulate. Once I can prove myself and show my ability, I am hopeful that sponsors would come forward to help me in my boxing career,” said Sophors.

While the older Sophors did not have much objection from his parents when he decided to take up boxing, it was not all that easy for Sreysos.

The 20-year-old lass had to overcome resistance from their parents before being allowed to take up boxing.

“But when my brothers took up boxing, I managed to convince them to let me take up boxing. They are happy for me now,” said Sreyros.

In fact, she opted to quit school to take up boxing full time. Her mental aptitude has already paid dividends as she now has two national titles to her name.

Sreyros made her debut at an international in Thailand in 2019, winning a bronze medal.

Despite her early successes, Sreysos believes that she still has a long way to go in the sport.

“I have no fear of pain or about getting injured. I just want to be the best boxer I can be,” she added.

Like her brother, Sreysos also wants to see more youngsters picking up the sport.

“I see many sportswomen in international tournaments and want to see more Cambodian women taking up sports. I strongly believe that women can excel in sports too,” she added.

For now, the siblings are training and putting their full concentration on getting into their best shape for the SEA Games in 2023.

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