Sary targets three golds in Vovinam at SEA Games 2023

Nov 17, 2022

Met Sary is training in 5 different Vovinam events as he targets at least 3 gold medals at the 32nd South East Asian (SEA) Games in Cambodia in 2023.

Sary has won a number of gold medals at several international events including Southeast Asian Championship and World Championship.

His expectation at SEA Games 2023 is not low as he will do everything it takes to make the Kingdom proud and put the smile on his supporters’ face at home.

“Now we are training hard - focusing on technical aspects and energy. We are training 8 hours a day,” said Sary.

“There are some new Vovinam events, so we need extra training and put in more hard work.

“Before SEA Games 2023, we will have a long-term training in Vietnam. We are working so hard that I think we will get good results at the Games in Cambodia. We are working to improve in all areas to achieve our goals.”

Sary won 1 gold at the Southeast Asian Vovinam Championships in Cambodia and won 2 silvers and 1 bronze in Myanmar.

He also won 2 bronzes at Asian event and won 2 golds and 2 silvers at World Championship in Cambodia.

He did not take part in the recent SEA Games in Vietnam as his Vovinam events were not included at the Games by the host.