The Cambodia 2023 Logo draws inspiration from the Kingdom’s remarkable history and heritage-the Angkor Wat. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is not only a symbol and identity of Cambodia but is also the pride and joy of the Cambodians. The gold color was chosen as the main color of the logo to symbolise the kingdom and continuous progress in wealth, health and happiness.

The dragons(naga) are in the logo as it is the protector and provides stability for the Kingdom of Cambodia. The four naga in green, red, red, blue and yellow colors, which are entwined as one, signifies unity and diversity in the South East Asia community. The four colors represent the diversity of the South East Asia Community that is united as one through the four naga.


The Motto of ‘Sport:Live In Peace’ was inspired by everyday Cambodians who are currently enjoying the peace and stability in the kingdom. Sport is the catalyst for the economic and social transformation of the kingdom.

The kingdom’s ambition in achieving the middle-income nation in 2030 must be met with a strong intent of continuous peace that will ultimately result in prosperity in wealth, health and happiness in the community.


The mascots of Cambodia 2023 are two rabbits named Borey (Male) and Romdoul (Female) – in their traditional martial arts of Bokator attire.

The male rabbit carries the name Borey which represents solidarity. The female rabbit takes it’s name from Romduol, the national flower for Cambodia.

The rabbits were chosen as the mascot of Cambodia 2023 as it’s a lovable character in the Cambodia folk tales, that depicts strong values in the teaching of Buddhism- inspiring, fairness, justice, knowledge, and helpful in the community.

The choice of the rabbits also highlights gender equality in sports.